Rust update has permanently randomized player characters

The latest Rust update brought with it lighting improvements, numerous map changes, a whole bunch of balance and gameplay fixes, and most importantly, female models after promising them many months ago.

While that would be a perfect update on its own, Rust has managed to stir up the community by removing the character creator, and permanently assigning everyone their gender, appearance, and penis size (you read that right) based on their Steam ID.

First of all, I can understand why they decided to go down this route. As it happens with every single game that features a character creator, the majority of people tend to congregate around a certain look, with a portion of those that remain dedicating their lives to looking as insane as possible. By forcing upon everyone a permanent randomized appearance, chances are people will start actually paying attention to how others look, and perhaps even connect better with their characters as they are now truly "unique".

On the other hand, I am one of those weirdos that spends far too much time modeling his character before actually starting the game, as you might notice by how fabulous I look in my Dark Souls 3 review. The reason I do this, and why I'd imagine many others do it as well, is because I have a certain image of my character in my mind, and I would like them to both look and act the part. If I wanted to play as a deformed pineapple, I would simply go outside.

Rust's randomized characters can be scary

The way I would solve it is by giving people a randomized character, but letting them model at least the minute details, because while I doubt anyone minds playing as a short female character, they probably do mind playing as someone that looks like they are far too overenthusiastic about the facey-smashey game.

Or, if that option is too complex, have the characters re-randomize themselves every couple of weeks, maybe even months. In that scenario, having your character look as deranged as possible would be a net positive, because you would get to enjoy your new-found serial killer appearance without being stuck with it "forever".