RuneScape's original creators - the Gower brothers

Fifteen years have past since Andrew, Paul, and Ian Gower created one of the longest running MMOs out there - RuneScape. With its grand anniversary now upon us, the brothers have decided to unleash a very special quest upon the world of Gielinor for everyone to enjoy, subscriber or free-to-play.

The aptly named "Gower Quest" features plenty of in-jokes designed to celebrate RuneScape's rich history, mages that deal exclusively with cabbages, and even a mighty sword forged in the name of the cabbage god himself. If you think that sounds absolutely ridiculous, I assure you things are about to get even stranger once you see the trailer:


“Without the Gowers, we would not have RuneScape and there would be no Jagex, so we were thrilled when they agreed to return to Jagex as guest quest designers for this celebratory adventure,” said Mark Ogilvie, the design director behind RuneScape. “I’ve been working on RuneScape for 14 years now, and I have many, many fond memories of working at the near-dawn of Gielinor and its lore. This quest harks back and pays homage to some key events and characters from across the history of RuneScape, and is the perfect way to celebrate its milestone anniversary.”

If you would like to give the "Gower Quest" a try, you will simply need 34 quest points to begin your adventure at the Gower Farm, south of Varrock lodestone. You can learn more about the quest, its rewards (which include a sentient cabbage pet!), and the bugfixing patch that came along with it, at the RuneScape website.

Gower Farm from RuneScape