Crondis from RuneScape's Menaphos: The Golden City expansion

If you've somehow done everything there is to do in RuneScape, a feat that most likely took you the better part of the decade, you'll be glad to hear that a brand new expansion has just released. Menaphos: The Golden City brings with it four new massive story quests, procedurally-generated city quests, a new Slayer Dungeon and an increased level cap of 120 for the Slayer skill, as well as a maze-like Shifting Tombs area to explore for treasures and potential secrets.

All of this is primarily geared towards mid and high-level players, but there are also some benefits for newcomers as well. Once you complete the three-part questline that takes you across the desert sands into the city itself you will be able to enjoy a 5% buff on all skill training, take part in city quests to boost your experience even further, and use Menaphos as a jumping-off point for the rest of RuneScape's world. Most importantly of all, after 12 years of teasing and waiting you'll finally be able to find out what lies behind the close doors of Menaphos!

To learn a little bit more about Menaphos, or RuneScape in general, you should head over to the official website. On the other hand, if you're just wondering what the new content looks and plays like, here's the recently posted teaser trailer that showcases pretty much everything you'll be able to do. Enjoy!