Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII is coming to Steam in English

I've got some good and bad news for you. The good news is that after spending nearly a decade in the void of nothingness, the historical RPG/RTS Romance of the Three Kingdoms is back with its 13th installment.

The bad news? It was released two months ago in Japanese, and according to most Steam reviews its a rather troubled game. However, with the English release planned for July 5 there is plenty of time for the developers to address these issues, so here's to hoping they actually do so. That said, here's the trailer and a brief description of what Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 brings to the table:


Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 promises "a challenging and rewarding blend of deep strategy and historically accurate warfare, regardless of their familiarity with the rich story of the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history".

What this means in gameplay terms is that you will be recruiting, training and building up entire legions of foot soldiers, cavalry, artillery, and navy with which you can wage a bloody campaign against your foes. However, just because you can wage an endless war it doesn't mean that you should as diplomacy and personal relationships play an extremely important role in RotTK 13, and having a stable and loyal network of friends and allies will go a long way towards securing your empire.

As far as characters are concerned, you will be able to either create your very own unique character with which you can try and climb the "proverbial leadership ladder", or go with fan-favorites such as Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, and so forth.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will be arriving to Steam, again, on July 5, and while I'd recommend not getting too excited about it, its well worth marking it down on your calendar, just in case it gets all of the fixes it needs.

Romance of the Three Kingdom is coming on July 5th