Rocksmith+ screenshot of Ubisoft's guitar and bass learning tool and game

Rocksmith+, much like the original Rocksmith, is both a rhythm game and a tool to help you learn how to play the guitar or bass. It's similar in many ways to the Guitar Hero series, though the big difference is that Rocksmith actually wants you to use a proper guitar in order to play along.

For the upcoming Rocksmith+ this can be done with either a cable, or more conveniently, a free app that will essentially track your accuracy by transforming your phone into a microphone. While this whole thing is certainly a fun and potentially handy idea, there is unfortunately a bit of a catch - the price.

Instead of a being a single purchase, Rocksmith+ will be a subscription service that will set you back $15 a month and offer you over 5000 songs across multiple genres to mess around with. Whether it's worth the money or not, I have absolutely no idea, but if Rocksmith+ actually does what it says on the tin and teaches you how to not completely suck at the guitar, it could be a pretty good springboard for jumping towards more serious lessons.

Whatever the case may be, Rocksmith+ will be heading over to PC this September 6th. You can keep an eye on its upcoming launch, as well as read more about the various features, over at the Ubisoft website. Enjoy!