Rocket League's new training session screenshot

Back in the 'old days' you could simply start up a Rocket League match, bounce the ball around like a drunken maniac, and occasionally score a goal while doing so. These days, not so much. While Rocket League didn't become any more complicated over the months, at least not to a significant degree, the playerbase has most definitely become a lot better at it!

Given the rather sharp increase in player skill it has become quite apparent that the in-game training options are just not up to par. Thankfully, Psyonix has just recently announced that not only are they well aware of these issues, but that they are almost ready to release their solution - a customized training mode!

You can read all of the specifics by heading over to the Rocket League website, but long story short, you'll be able to easily create and share your training sessions while in-game. All of this will be done through your "Shot List" that contains every short you've set up as a part of your sequence, and from here you will be able to add new shots, edit existing ones, delete the ones you think aren't worth keeping, and so forth. Since editing each specific shot is obviously the most important part of this whole system, you'll be glad to hear that it will be easy to test shots in real time, modify them, and test again to quickly develop exactly the sort of experience you want.

But if you don't feel like manually placing cars and balls in order to get some practice in, worry not as there will be a brand new 'Custom Training' menu from where you can either download or upload training sequences. And best of all, if you decide to favorite a particularly good creation you will be notified whenever it gets updated with new content, thus ensuring you always have the best version of that training course! Unfortunately, sharing will not be available cross-platform for this initial version, but according to Psyonix they are working with their console partners to ensure it becomes available as soon as possible.

And finally, if you're wondering what's coming in the future, Psyonix also posted a brief list of features they are currently planning to add as a part of a future update. Have a look:

Improved Browsing Experience

Adding search and filtering tools to make it easier to find new sequences in-game

Adding new 'sorting' methods to show off new or 'trending' sequences and not just the most downloaded ones

Adding user ratings and a way to browse 'Top Rated' sequences

More Sequence Options

Randomized Shot Lists

More 'types' than just Striker and Goalie

More options, like starting the car with velocity

Rocket League's upcoming training browser menu screenshot