Rocket League Dropshot game mode official screenshot

Rocket League will soon be getting yet another free new game mode. The rather aptly named Dropshot will arrive as a part of a free update on March 22nd and bring with it a brand new take on Rocket League's gameplay. Instead of trying to push the ball into your opponent's goal your objective will be to smash the opposing team's floor, and then score goals through the newly created gaps.

If you're not sure what exactly all of this entails, worry not as the developers have released a brief preview video showcasing what exactly Dropshot is all about. Have a look:

Besides the new game mode, the upcoming update will also signal the start of Season 4. But perhaps more importantly, the update will bring with it the rewards for Season 3 - titles, and a rather fancy set of wheels! If you're interested in checking the rewards out you'll find what you seek at the rewards page. And as a final note, if you're interested in all of the cosmetics and general improvements coming in with the March 22nd update you can find what you seek at the newly posted announcement page.