Rocket League screenshot of the new Dropshot game mode

If you're like me and you're better at smashing the ball straight into the ground rather than towards any sort of goal, rejoice as Rocket League devs have created an entire game mode with us in mind! In Dropshot you first need to break the opposing team's floor, essentially creating a bunch of barriers for them in the process, before scoring a goal through the newly created gaps. Its a simple twist on the standard game mode, but it does bring with it some interesting gameplay, so it is well worth checking out.

And speaking of 'interesting', you'll also be glad to hear that Neo Tokyo has now been removed from Casual and Competitive playlists. The competitive side I can understand as the map really didn't pan out well, but I'm not sure I agree with it being removed from casual play as well. Then again, Psyonix has access to a vast amount of stats, so its quite possible that Neo Tokyo was disfavored among the casual crowd as well.

This update also signals the end of Season 3, and that means everyone who placed in a Competitive Playlist is getting a pair of fancy wheels. The higher your rank the better the wheels actually look, but to honest even the basic variant is not half bad! You can check out what all of the rewards look like by heading over to the official website.

As is tradition, no update is complete without a whole bunch of new cosmetics and bug fixes. Since most of this is either purely visual or not very interesting I'l leave it for you to discover by heading over to the full patch notes. And finally, here's the bunny-mobile!

Rocket League car with bunny ears