Rocket League screenshot of the upcoming Salty Shores Arena

If you're looking for an excuse to dive back into Rocket League, look no further than the two upcoming updates. The first one is set to arrive on May 29th, bringing with it a brand new Arena by the name of Salty Shores, as well as the start of Competitive Season 8, the distribution of rewards for Season 7, and naturally, a couple of new cosmetics to collect.

Since most of this is visual in nature, you should probably go and check out the recently posted trailer. It'll give you a pretty detailed overview of the new Salty Shores Arena, as well as a bit of a teaser for some of the new cosmetics. Have a gander:

If you're looking for something a bit more interesting and game-changing, however, it is worth mentioning that the big summer event will be starting on June 11th. The exact details haven't been revealed just yet, but you can expect the update to bring with it 'Beach Blast' as a brand new game mode. I would love to offer you more, but I'm afraid the only other piece of information I can share is that Salty Shores Arena will be available all year, and not just during this summer event.

You can learn a bit more about the upcoming update, as well as follow any future announcements, over at the official website.

Rocket League screenshot of the Twinzer car