Ok, calling it Unreal Tournament inspired might be a bit of a stretch but what else can I think about when Psyonix announced that they are adding mutators such as low gravity, time warp, cubic balls and many others to Rocket League.

If you have somehow managed to avoid going online the last few months you might not know what Rocket League is so allow me to explain. Rocket League is a game of football (or soccer if you are so inclined) where all those boring fleshy bits have been replaced with acrobatic bumper cars. You'll spend most of the match speeding about, doing jump flips, smashing in to the ball, the enemies or in my case simply the wall. And yes, it is as fun as it sounds.

As far as the update is concerned, in November we can look forward to features and gameplay options such as: demolition, cubic, moon ball, beach ball, slow motion, time warp, increased or decreased speed ball speed, bounciness and many more mutators like that.

And then, in December we are getting a hockey game mode along with a hockey puck and an ice ring. The best thing about all of this? The update is completely free!

So if you find yourself interested in Rocket League after reading this let me just say that I heartily recommend it, both because the game is its own special brand of chaotic fun and because Psyonix is a very customer friendly developer who deserves all the good fortune that's been going their way recently.