Centio from Rocket League's 2nd Anniversary Update

While it might seem like it has been around forever, Rocket League will be celebrating its second anniversary on July 7th. In order to get everyone in on the festivities Psyonix will be releasing a rather hefty update filled with a whole bunch of new cosmetics.

To be more specific, the July 7th update will bring with it a brand new arena by the name of Champions Field, new customization options for goal explosions, new trails and engine sounds, new trophies and achievements, and the introduction of Rocket League Radio featuring Monstercat and 18 new songs. The 2nd Anniversary Update will also bring with it the start of Competitive Season 5, two new import cars, Season 4 completion awards, and the list goes on. The update might not offer much in terms of gameplay, but if car customization is your thing then you're going to have plenty of new toys to play with!

There isn't much information available right now, especially when it comes to potential balance and map changes, but Psyonix did release a video showcasing all of the new features. So if you're interested in seeing what all of the cosmetics I mentioned above look like, I'll leave you with the teaser trailer. Enjoy!