The Fig campaign for the PC version of Rock Band 4 started out incredibly strong by gathering well over a hundred thousand dollars during the initial reveal, an unsurprising amount given that it was a massive, once-popular franchise that never had a PC installment.

Unfortunately, its crowdfunding campaign has failed miserably by only reaching slightly past the halfway point with $792,817 raised across 1,674 backers, a far cry from its lofty $1,500,000 goal. So what exactly went wrong?

While I obviously don't have all of the information, there were a few factors working against Rock Band 4 from the outset, most notably the fact that the cheapest you could get the game for was $50, and that's without accounting for all of the money you would need to spend on the peripherals such as the guitar, drum set or even microphone.

To make matters worse for everyone's wallets, Harmonix also announced that all of the DLC you own on the consoles can not be transferred over to PC. In other words, the crowdfunder instantly lost the support of pretty much its entire established playerbase.

Rock Band 4 for PC

Finally, they chose to launch the campaign on Fig because one of the Harmonix guys is heavily involved with it, which isn't an issue on its own, but Fig is a much smaller platform when compared to the gigantic Kickstarter which would've brought in a constant trickle of people who might not religiously read gaming news every day to even hear about the PC version of Rock Band 4.

When you combine all of those elements you get a crowdfunding campaign that's expensive to support, obscure, and rather limited in its potential audience, which isn't the best recipe for success when you're asking for $1,500,000.

Still, they did manage to raise almost $800,000, so there is obviously interest, and perhaps one day they'll return either with investors, or with a brand new campaign. Until then, it seems that the hopes for a PC version of Rock Band 4 have been dashed.