Valorant official artwork and logo

[Update]: Valorant has now been released for PC, and unsurprisingly, it's a pretty fun shooter.

In an announcement that I must admit comes as quite a shock, Riot Games has now revealed that their competitive 5v5 shooter Valorant will be launching this June 2nd! Some regions like India and the Middle East won't have their own servers at launch, though the team is working on remedying that as soon as possible. Until then, these regions will be combined with their neighbors, the SEA and EU servers in this case.

When it comes to its gameplay style, Valorant is often described as a hybrid between Counter-Strike and Overwatch, though I must admit I highly disagree with that. Outside of unique heroes and abilities, Valorant simply doesn't share much with Overwatch. However, the Counter-Strike comparison is quite apt as Valorant features a very similar gameplay feel, damage to health ratio, as well as map design and objectives. So if you're a fan of CSGO and you're looking for something fresh, Valorant might just be worth a closer look.

Speaking of which, you can get a bit of an idea of what Valorant looks like in action through two of the recent trailers. Have a gander, they're not very long:

You can learn more about Valorant, as well as potentially sign up for the beta to check it out before launch, over at the official website. Have fun!