Resident Evil 3 screenshot of Nemesis from up close

[Update]: Resident Evil 3 and its companion Resident Evil 3 Resistance have been released, though sadly they don't seem to have lived up to the high standards set by Resident Evil 2.

After quite a few rumors and teasers, the Resident Evil 3 demo has now finally been unleashed. It features around 20-30 minutes of gameplay and will give you a chance to toy around with a whole horde of zombies, figure out the best usage of environmental traps, as well as flee in terror from the big boy himself - Nemesis.

Perhaps most importantly, the Resident Evil 3 demo is not time-limited! So while you can't progress past the fire hydrant area, you can replay it indefinitely and explore the decently-sized chunk of Raccoon City to your heart's content. And yes, this does mean you can potentially run from Nemesis for hours on end, if you're so inclined.

Personally, I had a great time with the demo, so I would highly recommend hopping over to Steam and giving it a try for yourself. There is no real rush, so make sure to explore all of the various mechanics as there's quite a few 'hidden' stuff in the demo. For example, if you do a perfect dodge while wielding a knife, you can then chain that into a powerful counter-attack. If done well, or if you're simply lucky, you can even explode a zombie's head by doing this!

Should you find yourself itching for more Resident Evil, it's also worth mentioning that the asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance will be going into Open Beta this March 27th. The beta will end on April 3rd, so you should have plenty of time to figure out whether Resistance is your type of multiplayer game or not.

Have fun, and I'll leave you with the very brief demo trailer.