Resident Evil 2 artwork and logo for the Ghost Survivors DLC

If you've completed everything Resident Evil 2 has to offer and you're looking for a few more tidbits of content, you might be glad to hear that Capcom has now released the free "Ghost Survivors" DLC. While neither of the three stories is particularly lengthy, they do offer some interesting new enemies to fight against, as well as "what if" scenarios for some of the characters that unfortunately perish in the official Resident Evil story.

In the first chapter you'll have to help the gun store owner Robert Kendo contend with a new type of poisonous zombie as he wonders around in search of some sort of escape route. The second story follows Katherine Warren, the daughter of Raccoon City's major, as she attempts to sneak away from a brand new zombie that seemingly can't be stopped. As for the third story, it's about a soldier that has managed to survive the initial zombie outbreak and is now desperately fighting his way to freedom.

It will most likely take you around 30-40 minutes to complete all of these three stories, and given the presence of new enemies and characters, I'd say that was well worth the wait. It's also an entirely free DLC, so if you have a bit of free time, I would heartily recommend you check it out.

And just for good measure, allow me to leave you with the recently posted trailer showing the three survivors in action. Enjoy!