GTA Trilogy artwork with logo

[Update #2]: December's Update 1.03 has now corrected some of the more annoying problems.

[Update]: The GTA Trilogy has now returned, though the many issues still remain.

Well, it would seem that my original optimism was quite misplaced. Despite the first teaser trailer looking rather good, the actual release version of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition has unfortunately ended up being a bit of a mess, especially on PC.

Not only are there a lot of bugs to deal with, some of which are severe enough that you can barely see what's happening on the screen, but the promised visual overhaul is spotty at best. Some areas and characters look genuinely good, while others feel unfinished and clash with the game's aesthetic. And to make matters worse, the GTA Trilogy has now also suddenly disappeared from PC and is currently unavailable for both purchase or play.

The reason for the disappearance, as far as I can figure out, is that the data files of the three games contain a whole assortment of cut music, content, developer notes and even internal tools. So while the Definitive Edition is sadly unworthy of its name, this whole mess might just end up being a positive thing in the end as the accidental leaks could lead to a brand new wave of mods for the classic GTA games.

Once the GTA Trilogy reappears and is once again available for play I'll make sure to let you know, though I would still highly advise not buying it in its current state. A few months down the line once all of the issues have been fixed, maybe, but right now I fear all you'll find is disappointment.