Evil Genius official artwork and logo

[Update]: Evil Genius 2 and its megalomaniacal schemes will be arriving this March 30, 2021.

Evil Genius is an oldschool "world domination simulator" most similar to games such as Dungeon Keeper. In other words, it was a game about creating an evil lair filled with traps and interrogation chambers at every step, all in an effort to create the ultimate doomsday device before pesky special agents sabotage all of your work.

While Evil Genius is considered an oldschool classic these days, it is by no means a perfect game: there are simply far too many bugs, obvious areas without polish, and a whole ton of untapped potential. However, the concept alone is so unique and interesting that its well worth playing despite all of its flaws. As such, I am very happy to say that Rebellion has now announced that they are working on Evil Genius 2!

As you'll see in the brief announcement on Twitter there are currently absolutely no gameplay details available. What I can tell you, however, is that Evil Genius 2 will be based on Rebellion's in-house engine Asura, and most importantly of all, that it will be a fully-fledged sequel and not some sort of free-to-play money trap. Right now the primary platform is PC, but Rebellion will be looking into other platforms as well, though its too early to say anything for certain. And that's pretty much the long and short of it.

Once more information gets released I'll make sure to update you, but until then at least we know that Evil Genius 2 will definitely be coming!