Rainbow 6 Siege is having a free weekend

Ubisoft's team orientated FPS Rainbow 6 Siege went through quite a few controversies after its launch, but is now mostly fixed up, and most importantly, actually fun to play.

If you would like to test that theory for yourself, you now have the chance as Rainbow 6 Siege is going to be completely free all the way until 1 pm PT on April 17. You can grab it either on Uplay, or on Steam after which you will have to go through Uplay anyway, but at least you have the illusion of choice!  

Your progress in the free version will carry over to the full product, if you ever chose to buy it, so don't worry about wasting your time, you're still going to be able to collect all of those sweet, sweet achievement points. If you decide, however, that Rainbow 6 Siege is the type of game you might enjoy for long periods of time, now would be the time to grab it as the base game is currently discounted by 33% (bringing the price to €40/$40), and the Gold Edition which includes the Season Pass is reduced by 40% (bringing the price to €54/$54).

And if you find yourself craving even more Rainbow Six Siege, the second season of the Pro League will start on June 2nd with a rather hefty prize pool of $150,000. Until then, make sure to check out the qualifiers that are either being streamed, or stored, on the Rainbow Six Twitch page

Rainbow Six Siege pro league starts on June 2