Raiders of the Broken Planet screenshot of an imminent ambush

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a 4v1 action-orientated shooter that lets you experience both sides of the story: one as the Raiders fighting against some sort of space-demon, and the other as one of the demon's chosen commanders. In other words, you can either team up with fellow players and attempt to beat down the forces of evil, or just join them and try to crush the Raiders before they get out of hand.

While the recently posted trailer won't really give you an idea of what the gameplay is like, it will at least show you the style and atmosphere Raiders of the Broken Planet is aiming for. Have a look, its quite visually interesting:

The recently released Prologue, or rather the Open Beta, offers you a free introduction to the world and its characters. What this means in gameplay terms is that you will have four of the Raiders to play around with, two lengthy missions to explore, and naturally, the whole "play as the bad guy" mode fully unlocked. So if you're interested in seeing what Raiders of the Lost Planet is all about, make sure to head over to Steam.

As for the future, you can expect Raiders of the Broken Planet to further expand upon the story and the character pool with paid campaign packs. The one coming in the near future will add an additional playable character, 4 new missions, the possibility to recruit new Raiders and configure their loadouts, as well as something known as the "League of Antagonists". You can find out more by heading to the DLC campaign's store page.

Raiders of the Broken Planet screenshot from the upcoming DLC