RAGE 2 official screenshot featuring a car chase

While the Bethesda Launcher version of RAGE 2 released without any additional DRM, the Steam version arrived alongside the often bemoaned Denuvo DRM. As you might imagine, this didn't exactly go over well with the Steam community, especially when people realized that the Bethesda Launcher version was seemingly loading faster.

In order to correct this issue, as well as hopefully ease some of the tensions, Bethesda has now issued a hotfix that completely removes the Denuvo DRM. It is unlikely that Denuvo's removal will greatly increase performance, but to perfectly honest, having less layers of DRM is almost always going to be a good thing in my book.

As for the patch itself, it wasn't exactly massive given that it was mostly centered around PC issues. That said, if you're curious about its contents, here's the full list of changes:

Removes Denuvo DRM (We saw a few requests.)

Enables Crash Reporter for error reporting

Fixes occasional crash related to Scaleform

Fixes occasional crash on startup

Fixes issue where Bethesda.net users would always default to English

Razer Chroma effects enabled by default

You can learn more about RAGE 2, as well as follow its patches moving forward, by hopping over to Steam.