RAGE 2 screenshot of two vehicles duking it out Mad Max style

RAGE 2 will be making its way to PC and consoles this May 14th, bringing with it a noticeably different experience than its predecessor. It's still going to be a first-person shooter set in the dystopian future, though thankfully this future will be a lot more colorful and lively than in the original!

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in-game, as well as what RAGE 2's actual gameplay has to offer, you might be glad to hear that Bethesda has now released a lengthy preview. Have a look, it's quite an interesting video:

Besides some of the visual effects being far too distracting, I have to admit that I'm quite pleased with how RAGE 2 is shaping up. It might not be the most revolutionary FPS around, but with seemingly solid gunplay and a lovely world to explore, it's exactly the sort of game I'd love to relax with after a long day. I just hope the open world doesn't end up being meaningless filler, as it so often happens with these types of games.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about RAGE 2, as well as follow its development moving forward, over at the official website.