Race the Sun developers Flipply are looking towards their community to help them chose a new game to work on

Race the Sun, for those that never played it, is a runner-style racing game where you go forwards at breakneck speeds trying to avoid various hazards as you... well, try to race the sun. Its a relatively simple game but really well done and the few euros I spent on it I would consider well spent.

And now the developers behind it, Flippfly, are asking you to chose which of the prototypes they've prepared is worthy enough to become a fully fledged game. Here's a brief video from the developers explaining the concept:


The first two prototypes entering this battle royale are Taxicopter, a stylish looking flying sim(?) and Dupi's Wrong Turn, an action/puzzle game with gravity elements to it. If you would like to try them out or vote on a favorite head over to the showdown website and make your voice count. As of right now however, Taxicopter is winning by a significant margin.

While the following information might not be 100% reliable one of the developers talked in a reddit post about how many prototypes there will be and how often they will change:

"At the moment, we don't have an exact plan for the number of prototypes that will participate, but it'll likely be 8-10. We hope to do a voting round once per month for now, so yeah, it'll go on for awhile :) This will give us time to polish each prototype, and iterate on the winning ones with feedback before the next round."

Personally I went with Taxicopter as it seems much more interesting than yet another puzzle-platformer with gravity elements but overall I'm glad they're doing this voting contest as its a nice way to both engage the community and get a feel of what sort of game will end up working out the best.

With all of that said, get to voting and make sure the best game wins!

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