Quantum Break pirate copies get saddled with an eye patch

It seems that Remedy has continued on with their tradition of poking fun at pirates by slapping all illegal copies of Quantum Break with a rather spiffy eye patch.

Thankfully, you don't actually have to download a pirate copy of Quantum Break and crack the currently unbeatable Denuvo DRM in order to plunder your way through time, simply logging out of the Windows Store before starting the game is good enough to trick it in to thinking that you're a big bad pirate, as discovered by disastrom.

If you're particularly attached to your depth perception, you will be glad to hear that this issue has already been covered in the Quantum Break FAQ, in the best way possible:

Jack looks like a pirate.

DRM might've accidentally triggered. Reboot the game and eat a lot of vitamin C.

And before you go check, there are currently no cracked copies of Quantum Break out in the wild, and if Denuvo's track record is any indication, there most likely won't be any.