Quantum Break powers screenshot

While Windows 10 was still in its infancy Microsoft promised they would slowly but surely start bridging the gap between the Xbox One and PC. Much to my surprise, and unlike the past 10 years of promises to do exactly that sort of thing, Microsoft actually went through with their plans and started allowing numerous Xbox One exclusives to make their way to the PC as well.

Initially it seemed that the one big requirement for this transition from console to PC was Windows 10 exclusivity, but now that Quantum Break has announced its move to Steam it appears that the whole "Windows 10 exclusive" tag might be a timed thing only. As for Quantum Break, if this is your first time hearing about it, here's a relatively recent trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what its all about:


Whether this sort of limited exclusivity will apply to all future games, I have no idea, but Quantum Break is now definitely on Steam. Best of all, both Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions have been confirmed via the system requirements. The only big feature that remains for Remedy to implement now is the ability to download the cinematics along with the game itself, as streaming the damned things is not always an option.

Quantum Break will be arriving to Steam on September 14th, and if you have a capped Internet do make sure to read a few user reviews beforehand to figure out if the cutscenes are all in there. Otherwise you might run into a few problems as you constantly stream massive 4K videos.