Quake Champions Burial Chamber arena screenshot of the cliffside

If you've somehow managed to avoid seeing any mention of it, Quake Champions is an upcoming PC exclusive arena shooter designed to be as close to the FPS classics as possible. In other words, it features fast-paced combat, a variety of powerful weapons with short kill times, advanced movement mechanics such as rocket-jumping, and a whole boatload of pick-ups to squabble over.

The Closed Beta is set to arrive fairly soon, and in order to familiarize everyone with the newly created arenas Bethesda has released a second preview video, this time around focusing on the lava-encircled Burial Chamber. So if you're interested in a brief glimpse at what Quake Champions has to offer you'll find the video right below:

The signups for the Closed Beta are still open, so if you feel like giving Quake Champions a shot make sure to head over to the official website. The whole sign up process is about as simple as putting in your email address, though do bear in mind that there is no guarantee you will get into the Closed Beta as soon as it opens. On the positive side, Bethesda has already stated that they will be dishing out beta keys on a regular basis, so even if you're the unluckiest man in the entire universe you will eventually get in. And while you wait for the Closed Beta to finally begin, here are some images from the Burial Chamber arena:

Burial Chamber arena from Quake Champions showcasing the lava falls

The central bridge in Quake Champions' Burial Chamber arena

Quake Champions Burial Chamber arena screenshot of the outdoor section