Quake Champions screenshot of a close-ranged duel

If you're annoyed you've managed to miss the most recent free trial for Quake Champions, fret not as it has now gone fully free-to-play. As expected, you'll need to farm in-game currency to unlock all of the various characters, but thankfully none of the maps or game modes will be sealed away from you.

You can get a bit of a peek at what Quake Champions looks like in action through one of the most recent trailers down below. It's a fairly short video, but to be perfectly honest, you don't need much to get a pretty darn good idea of what Quake Champions is really all about. Have a gander:

Personally, I prefer Overwatch's team-focused nature over this sort of arena gameplay, but I would still suggest you give Quake Champions a try as it really is quite an enjoyable game. Flawed in many ways, definitely, but still something you can find a great deal of fun with. 

It is now also entirely free, so if you're interested and have a bit of spare time, simply head on over to the official website or Steam.