PUBG screenshot of the new Mini-14 marksman rifle

After quite a few complaints about untested features and buggy patches, PUBG developers have recently announced that they will be slowing down the pace of updates in order to increase their quality. Whether that's going to end up being the case, we'll find out soon enough as the September update is now being pushed onto the test servers.

The highlights of the update include foggy weather that significantly hinders the player's sight, a brand new town located East of Stalber, as well as a lightweight and compact 5.56 semi-automatic rifle by the name of Mini-14. Besides the bits of new content, the update will also bring with it some noticeable improvements for low-end PCs, as well as various bug fixes. If you're interested in all of the details you will find the full patch notes on Steam.

As for the future, you'll be glad to hear that progress on the Vaulting system is moving forwards quite nicely. There is no release date set just yet, but you can expect to see it on the test servers in early November. On a slightly different note, you might also be glad to hear that rules have now been implemented in order to prevent idle players from earning BP, which should go a long way towards making the matches just a bit more exciting.

Finally, it would appear that there is significant interest in first-person servers in the South America and Southeast Asia regions. The developers are still looking into this with more detail to ensure there is a stable population for the new game modes, but there does at least seem to be something happening. Until those servers arrive, however, make sure to go and check out the foggy weather as it currently has a much greater chance to occur on the test server.