Project Phoenix, a Kickstarted JRPG/RTS hybrid is suffering delays due to poor planning

Despite the idea of an RPG/RTS hybrid being right up my alley I've never heard about Project Phoenix before, which is odd because during its run on Kickstarter it garnered over one million in funding so it was by no means a hidden little game.

Unfortunately it does appear that the project is suffering from numerous delays given that its initial release date estimate of 2015 is now being pushed back a lot further, to 2018.

However excited I might due to the premise, after reading their delay announcement message I can't help but feel a tinge of dread about the fate of this project. Apparently they don't have even have a programmer working on the game full time as of yet and are waiting a couple of months for him to finish work. So what exactly happens with the project if the programmer decides he has a better job opportunity on the line, does the whole  thing fall apart?

I'm not a negative person but this project seems to be standing on extremely shaky ground where even a single puzzle piece sliding out of position would cause everything to topple down. It also makes me wonder, what exactly where they doing with the project until now? Did they just begin pre-production when the kickstarter ended and had absolutely no plans before hand?

As of right now Project Phoenix is not offering refunds, which is understandable from their point of view because if the money eroded from underneath them the game would be surely doomed. Even still, it is projects like this that made me weary of kickstarters. No greedy scam-artists trying to make a quick buck but rather well meaning developers with poor planning that then mismanage a project, dragging it on for years until the released game is either canceled or sub par in quality.

I just hope they end up pulling through, for their sake and for the sake of thousands who funded it.