Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub has arrived on Steam

I've never been much of a fan of soccer, or football as its known in Europe, but I am well aware I'm in a very small minority compared to the amount of people who simply adore it.

The reason I mentioned that is because I have managed to completely miss the Steam release of the much anticipated Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub, a free to play spin-off of the popular PES series. Here's the official trailer though fair warning, the constantly cutting-off music might drive you insane:


The concept behind myClub is a simple one. By buying virtual card packs you'll get various players (totally not slavery), some good and some that make you wonder how they even ended up in the league. Once you create your team you'll then be able to either practice and play against the AI or go online and pit your dudes and your own skills against those of other players.

While the concept is actually pretty cool and the whole thing completely free to play there is still a couple of issues that you need to know before jumping in. First of all there are frequent connection problems, especially during prime time, so if that's your gaming period of choice make sure you pack a few snacks for when you inevitably get stuck on loading in to a match.

The second issue is that according to Steam reviews the game is nigh unplayable with a keyboard. Luckily controllers are fully supported so if you have one of those laying around its recommended you use it. And finally, the graphics are somewhat mediocre which is both a good and bad thing. On one hand you'll lose a bit of the spectacle but on the other you can practically run the game on any old rig so with this one it comes down to personal preference.

As you can see PES 2016 myClub is by no means a perfect game but if you're willing to overlook some flaws you'll still be able to find plenty of fun with it. So if you're in to the most popular ball-kicking sport in the world you might as well give it a try, it is completely free after all.