Scanner Sombre screenshot of colorful cave exploration

If you're a fan of Prison Architect but you're wondering what in the world Scanner Sombre even is, that would be exactly the problem Introversion is currently facing. They went from selling over 2 million copies of Prison Architect to around 6000 copies of the newly released and cave-exploring Scanner Sombra, which in the words of the developers themselves has "bombed".

In an effort to explain what exactly happened with Scanner Sombre, but also showcase the newly added VR mode, the develops have recently posted a rather intriguing video. So whether you're interested in the VR version of Scanner Sombre or Introversion themselves I would recommend you give the video a look as it paints a good picture of what releasing games on Steam is like. Here's the video:

If you're among the 6000 players that own Scanner Sombre, or if you're interested in its VR mode, you can access the newly released beta by heading over to your Steam Library, selecting Properties and then Betas, and then selecting 'beta' from the list. This will automatically start the VR update, but if it doesn't end up working just restart Steam, that usually fixes the problem. As far as headsets are concerned, Scanner Sombra will work on both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, though given its beta status there might be some issues here and there. Have fun!