Screenshot from the canceled Prey 2 game

The original Prey was certainly an enjoyable game, and even though it didn't push many boundaries it still ended up making a rather large mark on the FPS landscape, so much so that the sequel announcement was met with overwhelming excitement from all sides.

Unfortunately, after years in development hell and numerous rumors of cancellation circulating around Bethesda finally decided to pull the plug in 2014, and that was the last anyone heard from Prey 2... until recently. According to the Prey fan site AlienNoire the sequel is going to be announced during this year's E3 presentation on June 12.

Usually these sort of rumors don't pan out, and since its literally just someone claiming to have insider information its hard to take any of it seriously, but AlienNoire's case became a whole lot more credible when the official Prey 2 and Prey 3 websites started redirecting visitors to the Prey 2 Facebook page. You won't find much information on Facebook, however, and its not because the page doesn't exist, but rather because its currently closed to the public, which adds even more weight to this AlienNoire's claim.

While all of this does seem to point towards Prey 2 being resurrected its still worth keeping in mind that everything is currently based on speculation, and the evidence available is about as stable as a drunkard on unicycle, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Though I have to admit I'm secretly hoping its true, because after Doom I'm really feeling that itch for an oldschool run & gun shooter with some unique weapons and mechanics behind it.

And just in case you missed it, here's the 'old' Prey 2 cinematic trailer: