Half-Life 2's never before seen concept art has appeared

If you're interested in the creative vision behind the Half-Life series and how each of the characters, monsters, and locations evolved over time, there is simply no better book than Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar, which contains ~300 pages filled with artwork and Valve commentary.

The reason I'm bringing it up now is because the book was originally going to be a ~100 pages thicker, as recently discovered by a Half-Life fan who bought the publisher's version of Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar, and found it to be filled with far more information and concept art than the actual release.

The owner of the expanded book is currently in the process of scanning it, but until then here are some of the previously unseen pieces of concept art for Doctor Breen, Ravenholm, Combine soldiers, and more.

Half Life 2 concept art for combine infantry

Combine Infantry (view larger image)

Concept art for Half Life 2's combine mobile mine

Combine mobile mine (view larger image)

Half Life 2 concept art for Doctor Breen

Doctor Breen (view larger image)

 Half Life 2's concept art for Quarrytown, or more commonly known as Ravenholm

Ravenholm (view larger image)

Half Life 2 concept art for Father Grigiory's traps

Father Grigiory's traps (view larger image)

Half Life 2 - Adds for the original Half Life series

Adds for the original Half Life series (view larger image)

There are a few more images to peruse, so if you're interested in those, and the future updates as well, head over to the Half-Life Beta Project VK page.