Playstation VR might be coming to the PC

Ever since PlayStation VR was first announced many were clamoring for it to come to PC as well, and judging by a recent statement from a PlayStation executive, that might just be happening in the near future.

Masayasu Ito, Sony Computer Entertainment's Senior Vice President, recently did a short interview with Nikkei where he talked about the future of PlayStation VR, and its possible arrival to PC. Here's the quote, translated from Japanese to English via Google and spruced up a bit to remove any nonsensical phrases:

PlayStation VR is not just a peripheral for Play Station 4. Ito warned that while "nothing is happening right away" Sony is considering plans to enable the use of PlayStation VR by connecting with PCs in the future.

"Since PlayStation 4 shares many of its internal parts with PCs, the possibility is there. Right now we are focusing on the games and are not at a stage where we can announce something, but there will be an expansion into various fields."

Its clearly not a perfect translation, but the gist of the message is clearly visible, the higher-ups at PlayStation are actively considering to get PCs involved with the PlayStation VR.

Even though this whole announcement might sound far fetched, its a solid business idea to introduce the PlayStation VR to PC since the other VR options are mostly expensive, and having a somewhat mediocre, but cheap option would be extremely welcome for players willing to jump on the VR bandwagon without spending an entire paycheck on it.

Hopefully it ends up being true, and in the near future, as I do believe the PlayStation VR would have a secure and comfy place among the PC crowd.