PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds screenshot of a sneaky sniper

Given that first-person servers have been one of the most popular requests since release, it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now supports matches with only the first-person mode active. As of right now the first-person server options are available in NA and EU Solo/Duo game modes, with the rest most likely getting added in a future patch. Similarly, the camera will be in third-person during the airplane phase, but will be set to first-person once all of the bugs and problems have been ironed out.

Besides the new 'game mode', this update has also brought with it the much-requested reconnect feature, as well as a proper colorblind mode. Now if you're worried about people exploiting the reconnect system in order to avoid fights, worry not as a disconnected player's character will remain exactly where they were. In other words, if someone force-disconnects in the middle of a firefight, that's pretty much going to be the end of their story. Its a simple little compromise, but it goes a long way towards making the reconnect system completely fair to all parties.

The update has also added some balance changes, bug fixes, UI tweaks, as well as new cosmetic items you can grab through the free-to-open crates. There is far too much for me to cover in brief, so if you're interested in all of the details you'll find what you seek on Steam. Have fun with the new sniper!