Planetary Annihilation Legion brings in a brand new faction

If you ever needed an example of why including mod support is an excellent idea, this massive community expansion for Planetary Annihilation would be it.

After a year and a half in development the Legion has now arrived with over a hundred new units in order to create a brand new and unique faction that's just as complex, and deep as the original. Here's the brief trailer showcasing the Legion in action:


Despite the name 'Legion' most likely making you think of innumerable hordes of weak robots tearing down everything in their path, the new faction is almost the complete opposite of that. The Legion lacks the mobility and numbers of the MLA, and instead focuses on raw power, nigh-invincible armor, and ridiculously big guns. What this means in gameplay terms is that the Legion doesn't bother itself with early raids, or even rapid expansion, but rather massive and devastating singular strikes that either win the game outright, or leave the enemy severely crippled.

If you would like to give the Legion a try you will need Planetary Annihilation, its Titans expansion, and the most recent PTE patch (experimental/test patch). To download and install Legion you simply need to search for it within the Community Mods section in-game, and just press a few buttons after which it will be up and ready for play.

You can either square off against other players that have Legion installed, or wage war against computer opponents that come with pre-built AI routines for the Legion faction, though if you want some actually challenging AI its recommended you grab the Queller AI mod.

Have fun!

Planetary Annihilation community mod brings a brand new faction