ELEX's official box-art

I've first run across ELEX back in May when its official website launched, and while the concept of another RPG from the creators of the Gothic and Risen series intrigued me greatly, there unfortunately wasn't much information to go on, especially in terms of the story.

Thankfully, Piranha Bytes has recently come out and explained the general premise behind their open-world RPG. Its going to be set in a post-apocalyptic science fantasy universe filled with complex and interest characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices, and plenty of action as well.

If you're wondering if this is going to be yet another zombie or nuclear apocalypse, worry not, its neither. As noted in the announcement message, "Magalan, the completely open game world of ELEX, was home to a highly developed civilization until a catastrophic meteor strike devastated the planet, reducing it to a post-apocalyptic world. The meteor also deposited a substance that is now found in nearly everything: Elex, and each faction uses it in a different way. Every inhabitant of the world is constantly looking for Elex, whether as a substance with magical powers, to use in a weapon or as a pure stimulant."

The goal behind this sort of a setting is to create a world of contrasts, one where science meets fantasy, where giant mechs armed with laser weapons square off against magic-wielding knights, and where cold logic and emotion are constantly working against each other. All of this then further extends to the various factions that inhabit the world of ELEX, which in classic RPG fashion are a complete polar opposite and often find themselves at odds with each other.

ELEX - Magic VS technology

"While one faction, the Albs, consider the ingestion of Elex as part of their cult, the Clerics group ban the consumption of Elex on religious grounds, and use it to build their high-tech weapons. The Berserkers however, a people who live in harmony with nature, process Elex into mana and use it to craft magical weapons. As for the Bandits, their society has no fixed rules, but they live by the credo: “Take anything you can grab, or someone else will.”

Its too early to make any sort of conclusion about ELEX, but just from the story premise alone it seems to follow the Gothic formula, and that is something I can appreciate, especially if they also decide to not copy over the bugs and glitches. Whatever the case may be, we'll be able to find out more in the near future as ELEX is coming for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2017, and as such there should be many more of these updates arriving over the coming months.

As a final note, here are all of the officially-listed gameplay features to hopefully give you an idea of what ELEX is going to be about:

• Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy: A post-apocalyptic universe that seamlessly blends science-fiction and fantasy elements.

Reason vs. Emotion: The player himself decides which way to go; there’s no right or wrong.

100% Authentic: The game AI takes decisions that make the game action and events perfectly logical.

Epic Combat System: The complex combat system and total control over the characters enable you to “read” your enemies.

• Jetpack Frenzy: Jetpack makes vertical exploration so much easier and offers a whole new dimension of fresh opportunities.

RPG True to its Name: The player’s decisions influence the course of the entire game.

ELEX main character fighting off against a giant robot