Phoenix Point is an upcoming turn-based strategy game

For those of you that don't know anything about him, Julian Gollop was the designer and one of the main driving forces behind the original XCOM series whose gameplay holds up even to this date, despite some clunkiness.

After finishing up work on his latest title, the turn-based RPG Chaos Reborn, Gollop has set his sights on making a brand new game - Phoenix Point.

This announcement comes from a brief tweet Gollop posted a couple of hours ago that simply stated "Phoenix Point is our new game - turn based tactical combat - world based strategy".

Unfortunately, this is as far as the information on Phoenix Point goes. The only other nugget of knowledge you can gleam from the Phoenix Point website is this extremely disturbing, and rather Lovecraftian spider-tree with a human face on it. Since the original image is a bit dark I cranked up the gamma so you can clearly see how messed up the damn thing really is:

Julian Gollop's Phoenix Point monster

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this isn't our protagonist

Whatever Phoenix Point ends up being I look forward to seeing it as Gollop has proven over the years that when it comes to deep and intricate strategy games, he's the man you should call.