Perfect World has apologized over the Shanghai major disaster

Its not often that you see a tournament with over a million dollars in prize pool money ran by amateurs and community volunteers, but the Shanghai Major was exactly that given that the management was completely useless, the technical team inept, and the ones running the whole arena completely oblivious of the events that are transpiring around them. In short, it was an ass and Valve will hopefully not be working with it again.

With a bit of luck this will be the last time such a debacle occurs as Perfect World has come out and publicly apologized for the whole mess, but also promised to deal with the issue at its core. Here's the announcement message:

"Dear DOTA2 Players and Fans,

We deeply regret that a series of mistakes caused a multitude of problems at the Shanghai Major. As the organizer of the event, we must take full responsibility. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment and pain that you experienced.

We have started a full scope investigation and have taken corrective actions, starting with making changes to internal Perfect World personnel. We would ask for forgiveness from all of the DOTA2 fans and players, and hope to rebuild the trust that we have damaged. 

Best Regards,

Yunfan Zhang

President, Perfect World"

While I'm aware that actions speak louder than words,  I have a feeling that the heat you get after squandering millions is enough to influence some sort of positive change. In either case, at least we've received a whole new repertoire of dank memes to plague Dota 2 streams with, oh joy...