Halo 3 concept artwork showing a cave landing

[Update #2]: The legendary Halo 3 has made its way to PC alongside numerous technical improvements

[Update]: Halo 3 PC devs have now released a detailed and lengthy developer update about the challenges they faced during development.

Halo 2: Anniversary has only just arrived for PC via The Master Chief Collection, and already I have some additional good news to deliver. According to the latest update, the PC version of the legendary Halo 3 will be heading into testing in the first half of June, 2020!

While I would love to tell you more, the exact details behind the test are currently few and far between. However, if you would like to get involved as soon as it goes live, you'll need to go and sign up for the Halo Insider program.

Before you get too excited, it is well worth mentioning that these "test flights" will be actual beta tests. There will be bugs, there will be missing features or placeholder content, and there is no guarantee that everything will be stable or optimized. So if you're planning to dive in, make sure you're doing so to help the developers out, rather than to simply get your hands on Halo 3 a bit earlier than expected.

You can keep an eye on any future announcements, as well as figure out how to start playing as soon as the test goes live, over at the official website. Good luck with your beta key!