Monster Hunter: World screenshot of the Halloween themed Autumn Harvest Fest event

Unlike the previous update that brought in an iconic monster for us to fight, Monster Hunter: World's upcoming The Autumn Harvest Fest will focus more on offering a variety of cosmetics to collect, themed quests to solve, and naturally, even more weapons and armor to toy around with. And since we're entering Halloween season, you might also be glad to hear that we'll be getting plenty of spooky cat-themed decorations to brighten up the Gathering Hub.

The whole event will only last until October 18th, so if you want to collect all of the new armor sets you'll want to start questing as soon as possible. On the other, if you don't particularly care about Halloween and the costumes that come with it, there will also be plenty of in-game boosts to spice the event up. Expect to receive a free ticket to adjust your character's gender and appearance, additional vouchers and better login bonuses, as well as daily sales on in-game items and services (including the always-useful Workshop)!

You can find out more about this event, as well as check out some of the new costumes and armor, by visiting the official website. Just ignore the specific dates and numbers as all of this is from the console version given that they're slightly ahead on updates over PC.

Besides the new event, this update will also bring with it a variety of bug fixes. The current list is unfortunately vague, as you'll see below, but I'm afraid that's all we have at this point. Once more information is released I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I'll leave you with the massive 'patch notes':

Various player-related fixes for weapon actions, specialized tools, skills, items, and the in-game camera.

Measures to reduce load on matchmaking servers.

Fixes for translations and foreign language display.

Other minor fixes.