Payday 2 is now on Steam OS and free until the end of March

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Payday 2. On one hand its an excellent game in which I've invested over 100 hours falling of various buildings and getting tased, but on the other its a constantly repeating cycle of great DLC practices followed by utterly despicable ones, with seemingly no middle ground.

While I might have some issues with it, its still great to hear that Payday 2 is now available on SteamOS, and most importantly, given to you for free if you already own it on the PC.

For those of you that haven't dabbled in Payday 2 yet, Overkill has opened up the game to be played for free all the way until the end of March, a rather generous arrangement. I'd recommend taking Overkill up on their offer here because Payday 2 is a genuinely fun game, especially with friends as nothing beats the experience of clearing a mission on the hardest difficulty with barely any ammo, health, or even sanity left.

If you do decide to go for Payday 2, or its DLC, they are currently 75% off and despite what you might guess from my prior whining, they're not a bad deal. My only advice is that you spread the DLC across the group you play with as only one player needs to unlock the map, the others can join in for free. This way you can not only grab the DLC for 75% off, but also squeeze out an extra 1/4 discount on top off that, not a bad deal all things considered.

Happy Heisting!