Payday 2 screenshot of Deathwish enemies

I have spent over 100 hours playing Payday 2 and during my time I have bought quite a few pieces of DLC, yet even still there are a whole bunch of content packs that I do not own. As such, I am very glad to say that the Payday 2 devs have announced that all of the DLC will be rolled into an Ultimate Edition, while all future updates will be completely free!

All of this will come as a part of the June 8th update, but if you would like to pick and choose some of the DLC before the Ultimate Edition bundle even arrives, you can do so at an 85% discount. A pretty damn good deal, especially if you have a couple of friends playing with you so that you can each buy one or two of the map packs (they are shared). Just keep in mind that buying all of the DLC is much, much more expensive than buying the Ultimate Edition upgrade, so only do this if you want a couple of pieces.

As for the Ultimate Edition itself, it will cost $45 at launch, with an extra 10% discount for a limited time. There will be an upgrade available for existing players, with the price being dictated by the amount of DLC you own, though there is currently no official information on how this will be calculated. It is worth noting, however, that you don't need to purchase the Ultimate Edition if you don't want to. You can freely continue playing Payday 2 with all of the DLC you have currently, though you won't be able to purchase any more since they will be going away on June 8th. On the positive side, you will be getting all of the free updates, so if you don't care about owning all of the DLC you might as well stay right where you are.

To learn more about the Ultimate Edition and what exactly the developers plan to do with Payday 2 in general, you should head over to the official website.