Payday 2's yearly event is getting a lot of negative attention from its fans. If you don't know, Crimefest is a celebration of all things Payday that spans multiple days, each filled with announcements of free content, DLC, balance fixes and upcoming features. And if that wasn't enough, Payday 2 is free to play during the event with the actual game and all of its DLC being on a 75% discount.

Sadly the event is off to a rough start as Overkill has announced their own version of CSGO boxes filled with unique skins, some of which have in game benefit rising a lot of concerns about the game becoming pay 2 win.

Randomness + in game benefits + money = big no no

As you can see on the weapon above the stat boost isn't massive, but if you're playing on the highest tier of difficulty every little advantage you can get helps out a lot. There is also the second issue, all of this is completely random. You're paying a few dollars per chest key, *cough* I mean per safe drill and getting a random skin, some of which are bound to be extremely rare. This system works for CSGO as none of the skins have any in game benefit other than showing how much superior you are to the skinless masses. But in Payday 2 you have the combination of a real money purchase + random item + in game effect which is the worst way of doing these chest thingies.

On the positive side, it is only day 1 of Crimefest with many more goodies and features still coming up. Hopefully Overkill will listen to the community outcry, remove the stat boosts from the chests, I mean safes, and make this update an excellent one.