Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous artwork showing off the characters

[Update #2]: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous' first expansion Inevitable Excess is coming on February 15th.

[Update]: October's Wrath of the Righteous update has improved the Crusade mode and fixed tons of bugs.

As I mentioned in my review, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is an amazing game that is sadly mired by a whole assortment of bugs. Some of them, like the moonwalking leopards, are benign and mostly good for a couple of laughs, while others are an absolute nuisance and can ruin your campaign if you don't work around them.

With that in mind, I'm very happy to say that the freshly released update has now corrected some of the worst problems. First and foremost, the red defense banner in the Crusader mode will now no longer be permanently red, essentially stopping it from draining all of your army's morale as long as you're not losing fortress after fortress.

Furthermore, two major combat bugs have been sorted out as well. Archers will no longer change targets for absolutely no reason, and more importantly, auto-casting abilities will no longer just stop firing off because your characters got bored of doing the same thing. Combine this with some much-needed rebalancing, especially when it comes to swarm-based enemies, and the end result should be a much more responsive and enjoyable combat.

If you're a fan of evil playthroughs it's also worth mentioning that the crippling bug that made Lich players nearly useless on the Crusade map has now been sorted out. In other words, you can now finally raise your enemies and use them to bolster your armies, rather than simply rely on overpriced mercenaries because your skeletons were too shy to pop up.

There's a whole bunch of other changes sprinkled throughout the update, so if you're interested in all of the details you should hop on over to Steam. Have fun, and here's to hoping the rest of the really annoying bugs will get squished in the near future as well!