Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath official artwork

If you're sick and tired of repeating the same four acts across three difficulty levels, you'll be incredibly happy to hear that Path of Exile's upcoming The Fall of Oriath expansion will introduce six new ones, thus completely removing the need for multiple difficulty settings! Some of them will be significantly modified versions of the current acts, there mostly to showcase how the world has changed due to our actions, while the others will offer a completely new and unique environment to explore.

Since all of this is a bit difficult to explain through a single paragraph, allow me to instead show you the recently posted teaser trailer. It showcases a few bits of footage from all of the new zones, so it should give you a good idea of what sort of approach Grinding Gear Games are going for. Anyway, here's the video:

If you're wondering what the new zones are even going to be about, here's all of the currently available information, straight from the announcement itself:

• Act Five - Part One: The Fall of Oriath

Atop the frozen peaks of Mount Veruso lies a way to return home, but the death of Dominus has left Oriath in turmoil. Caught amidst the slaves revolting against their Templar oppressors, you are all that stands between the innocent lives trapped in Oriath and the divine wrath of High Templar Avarius. 

• Act Five - Part Two: The Gods are Rising

Your triumph over the Beast has had unforeseen consequences. The dormant gods of Wraeclast, once suppressed by the Beast, have regained their divine powers. In Part Two, a set of five new Acts, you will weave through both new and recognisable locations throughout Wraeclast, witness the results of your past deeds, and even confront the gods themselves.

• Act Six: The Rising Tide

The Brine King, god of the seas, is expanding his domain. Every border is being redrawn. Come to the aid of familiar allies before his relentless tides wash away all hope. 

• Act Seven: Lord and Legion

Ancient Vaal ruins have risen from the depths. Amidst the chaos, the bandit tribes have united under one banner and have stormed the Forest Encampment. Reclaim the homes of your allies and discover the secrets that lay beneath the ruins. 

• Act Eight: Eclipse

In the centre of Sarn's great bridge, Solaris and Lunaris fight for control of the skies. Meanwhile, beneath the earth, something foul is poisoning the water. 

• Act Nine: Reunion

The rotting Beast beneath Mount Veruso holds the key to salvation. But beings both mortal and divine seek to keep you from obtaining it. 

• Act Ten: Return to Oriath

Fate rests on your shoulders as you make your final stand. 

Besides all of the new zones and acts, The Fall of Oriath expansion will also bring with it a whole bunch of new items, skill gems, uniques, and more. But perhaps most importantly, it will also bring with it a brand new Panthon system that will allow you to wield the power of the gods themselves. The details are currently a bit scarce, but it appears that the Pantheon system will give you a wide array of defensive options to further customize your playstyle.

If you'd like to hop into Path of Exile and check out all of the new content, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for a little while longer. The beta will take place in late April/early May, while the full release for The Fall of Oriath will follow in June or July, 2017. You can learn more about The Fall of Oriath over at the official website, though I would recommend you postpone your visit until later today as the developers still haven't announced all of the new features. And finally, here's a couple of images from the new zones:

Path of Exile The Fall Of Oriath screenshot of a freaky new boss

Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath screenshot of a ruined base from Act 3

Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath new undead themed location

Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath Karui ruins screenshot

A new enemy from Path of Exile's The Fall of Oriath expansion