Path of Exile's Atlas of Worlds expansion screenshot

Path of Exile is for me the golden standard when it comes to free-to-play games. The developers have not only managed to completely sidestep the allure of exploitative cash shop practices, but have also considerably improved and expanded the initially rough version of Path of Exile into something truly amazing. Best of all, they're still not done updating the game!

According to a recent announcement, the upcoming Atlas of Worlds expansion will bring with it 30 new maps to explore, 19 bosses to fight, and naturally, a whole bunch of absurdly powerful equipment to collect before meeting your end at the wrong side of a spike trap. If you're wondering what the Atlas of Worlds content looks like, wonder no more as Grinding Gear Games have released a trailer:


The good news doesn't end there, however, as GGG have also announced that they have finally managed to multi-thread the Path of Exile engine in order to take full advantage of modern CPUs. In other words, expect to see nearly double the frame rate during intense combat situations, as well as "the best game performance of any Path of Exile release yet".

While there isn't much information available right now, I would recommend you keep your eyes peeled on the Atlas of Worlds website as GGG is bound to release at least a few more tidbits over the coming weeks. And speaking of time, the Atlas of Worlds expansion is set to arrive on September 2nd, a mere ~19 days from now!

Path of Exile's Atlas of Worlds