Path of Exile Prophecy update features Navali the soothsayer

While everyone was enjoying the relatively recent Ascendancy expansion Grinding Gear Games, the devs behind Path of Exile, have been working on a massive new content update, simply titled as Prophecy.

Prophecy and its two Challenge Leagues will be arriving to Path of Exile on June 3, and bringing with them the new prophecies system, plenty of items and spells, a deadly end-game labyrinth, balance changes, and a whole assortment of other knick-knacks.

Here's the announcement trailer for Prophecy that goes over some of these new additions:


As you plow through hordes and hordes of monsters you will occasionally find a single silver coin among their charred remnants. This silver coin can then be used to either purchase rare and unique items from Navani, the soothsayer featured in the trailer, or exchanged for various prophecies that will allow you to augment some of the zones with special challenges, and naturally, special rewards.

A simple example of this new system is the "A master seeks help" prophecy that guarantees you will not only find Zana in one of your maps, but that she will also give you double experience for your troubles! There will be around 150-200 new prophecies, and as you might imagine not all of them will be as generous as the one I presented, but given that this is Path of Exile we're talking about I think its safe to assume they'll all have the potential for true greatness, and more than likely true death.

Path of Exile Prophecy new pet and portal effects

The demon-monkey is a new cosmetic pet, and the portal is most likely a new teleport effect

Even if you don't feel like abandoning all of your hard work and restarting in the new Prophecies leagues there will still be a good amount of fresh and interesting content for you to enjoy as well. The most important of these additions is the new end-game Labyrinth that will allow the most skilled, and most geared players around to tackle new challenges, monsters, and traps in an effort to best the Labyrinth once more and earn another 2 Ascendency points, a massive upgrade in terms of power!

There will also be new skills to toy around with, items to never see because you're unlucky, balance changes to complain about, and so much more. You can all about this on the Path of Exile website, though don't expect any concrete information just yet.

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