The newest Paragon hero Yin - official artwork

If you ever wanted to give Paragon a try, Epic's action-orientated take on the MOBA genre, now would be the time to do so. In celebration of its one year anniversary the Paragon devs are giving out one of six Vault skins, and there is also a double XP event running which is a great opportunity to unlock emotes and master skins for your favorites.

As for the new hero, Yin is a carry that uses a combination of her whip and wind magic to dash in and out of combat, quickly demolishing her enemies. Here's a brief video showcasing what Yin is all about, and how you can best make use out of her abilities:

In order to claim your free skin all you will need to do is play one game this week, you don't even need to win! The downside is that you won't be able to choose which of the six skins you'll get, but I suppose there's no reason to complain about free stuff. Speaking of which, Founders will receive an additional gift as a special thanks, though the announcement didn't state what that gift will actually be.

And finally, it is also worth mentioning that this update has brought with it a rather large set of balance changes. If you're interested in learning all of the details you can head over to the official website, and just don't forget to play at least one game this week!