Imperator: Rome official artwork and logo

[Update]: Paradox is stopping development on Imperator: Rome for the foreseeable future.

If you currently have an excess of free time and a desire to conquer the known world, you might want to check out Paradox's newest grand strategy game - Imperator: Rome. As you would imagine given that it's a Paradox game, Imperator: Rome will task you with managing just about every facet of your empire, fighting against threats from within and from afar, and naturally, endlessly expanding your empire in order to keep the world map nice and evenly colored.

You can get a bit of an idea of what Imperator: Rome looks like in-game, as well as what the whole thing is all about, through the recently posted trailer down below. Have a peek:

I haven't played it myself, but from what I can tell online it would appear that Imperator: Rome is following the same formula as the rest of the Paradox games. In other words, it seems to have released as an interesting and competent grand strategy game, though there is currently a massive lack of content to really keep you hooked for long periods of time. Paradox is already working on updates so that might change in the near future, but until then you should probably get your grand strategy fix through Crusader Kings 2 as it already has an absolutely staggering amount of content and features to mess around with.

Either way, you can learn more about Imperator: Rome, as well as grab yourself a copy, over at Steam. Enjoy!