Papers, Please screenshot from the short film adaptation

Papers, Please is at its core a 'bureaucracy simulator' intertwined with a story about human misery and the difficult choices one has to make to do the right thing. The gameplay is intentionally terrible, convoluted and tedious, but the message it conveys is so powerful that Papers, Please became immensely popular regardless.

So if you ever wanted to experience what Papers, Please is all about, but didn't really feel like slogging through the actual gameplay, you might be glad to hear that a short movie adaptation is currently in the works. The details are unfortunately very scarce so I can't reveal anything about the plot itself, but what I can tell you is that its being made by Liliya Tkach and Nikita Ordynskiy, both of which have multiple short films under their belts.

The aptly named Papers, Please movie will be coming at some point in 2017, though no release date has been given just yet. And finally, here's the recently posted and incredibly brief teaser trailer. It doesn't show off much, but it definitely demonstrates that the creators know what kind of source material they're working with. Enjoy!